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Investor Relations

FMF is proud that it was one of three “early bird” companies to list way back in the 1970s on the then Suva Stock Exchange. 1.50 million shares of $ 1 each were listed. Since then the company has rewarded its shareholders with three bonus issues. There have also been two share splits to make the shares more affordable and easier to trade in the market. Currently the total number of shares listed are 150 million shares of 4 cents each. The company has paid out annual dividends in all but one year since its listing, a glowing record in itself .

FMF currently has about 435 shareholders. Thousands of Fijians are also indirect shareholders of FMF through FNPF and Unit Trust of Fiji.

Anybody can pick up FMF shares on the South Pacific Stock Exchange. All they need to do is contact any of the registered stock Brokers:

  • Kontiki Growth Fund
  • Fiji Stock Brokers
  • Fijian Holdings Limited Brokers


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