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Market Reach

Today, you can buy FMF products in over twenty countries including Australia, New Zealand, all Pacific Island countries, United States and Canada. FMF proudly makes biscuits for some of Australia and New Zealand's leading biscuit brands.

FMF's Export Market

“I want the ones that come from Fiji” is heard often in corner stores and dairies throughout our neighboring countries of Australia and New Zealand". It comes from Fiji people who have emigrated overseas, but more and more Aussie and Kiwi customers are following their lead once they get a taste of FMF products.

We believe it is our strong focus on customers that has made FMF one of Fiji’s largest exporters.

Exports at FMF is viewed almost as a separate Strategic Business Unit, responsible for assessing growth opportunities and identifying new business. It does this by having its best people on the ground servicing the export market, building mutually satisfying, long-term relationships with its customers, distributors and other partners and deploying the right product mix in the respective markets.

We have strong alliances with some of the largest distributors in Pacific Island countries, which gives us strong distribution power and market reach.

The exports team at FMF is always eager to assist in getting FMF products to your markets and stores.

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