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Healthy Snack for School

In recent months, FMF has been on the roll of launching new and exciting products. Banana and Pineapple Bites Creamed Snack Cracker was the latest launch from the company in November. These exciting flavours and delicious treats have been a great success being so timely for the festive season.

Among the latest products was the new wholemeal Cracker Biscuits as well. Wholemeal Cracker Biscuit is rich in fibre and provides a great choice for healthy snack.

This biscuit was developed keeping in mind the need for healthy snacking options at affordable prices.

The launch of Wholemeal Cracker is timely with the start of the school year.

It comes in 100g packs as well as 44g snack packs. The snack packs are specially developed to go as a snack along with children's lunch boxes. It adds fibre in their meals required for an active day.

Wholemeal Cracker snack packs are convenient packs containing four biscuits that can be enjoyed during school recess and lunch or shared amongst two friends.

The snack pack are also packed in 16s so parents can have it in the pantry and pack it daily into their kids lunch packs. Not just that, the snack can easily be sneaked into your purse for a snack at the office.

To add to the advantages the product is very affordable.

Over the coming weeks FMF will be carrying out product sampling at retail outlets as well as Post Fiji outlets where both parents and children will have an opportunity to taste the product for themselves.

We encourage parents to make a good choice of including healthy snack options in their children's lunch packs and making the new FMF Wholemeal Cracker as their choice.

FMF Foods continues to strive in developing products that provide Fijians variety and value made right here in Fiji.

Biscuits Company of Fiji has been manufacturing biscuits for over 25 years and has provided Fijians with products such as FMF Breakfast Crackers, FMF Cookies, FMF Tymo, Websters FineFare and Bites.


Fiji Times: January 19th, 2018

Source: FMF